recruit an international student for your business
Why trust Oui-Connect for your recruitment goals? 

       Whether you are seeking motivated recent international graduates or more experienced young foreign professionals, Oui-Connect can advise you of the steps involved in having the right candidate join your team, and presenting such candidates to you.
Oui-Connect can assist you with finding international students graduating from U.S. universities who want to apply their skills in a practical environment. Your new recruit can stay with you for up to 12 months, and the process will be fairly easy on your end.

This is called the OPT program.

       We can also present you with young foreign professionals if you have an internship or trainee position open at your company. Those candidates can join your team for up to 12 or 18 months depending on the field of work and on their background. The requirements and process are slightly more complex, but of course Oui-Connect will be here to guide you every step of the way.

This is called the J1 Intern and Trainee program.


Oui-Connect Work in USA program for businesses in need of French Spanish Italian workers
Benefits of recruiting an OPT candidate:
​​- Highly educated candidates (holding a Bachelor's or Master's degree);
- Recently graduated applicants who learned the most up-to-date skills in their field;
- Entry level salary;
- Fairly simple and quick process;
- Add a global dimension to your workforce;
- Possibility to hire the candidate more permanently after the 1-year-OPT.

-Great for 12 months missions for Businesses that seek turnover and skilled candidates.
Benenfits of recruiting a J-1 intern/trainee candidate?
- Highly educated candidates;
- Prior work experience (1 to 5 years experience for trainees);
- Competitive salary;
- Add a global dimension to your workforce;
- Flexibility in the length of internship/training.

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"Hiring an OPT student through Oui-Connect was easy and profitable for our business" Greenshine, IRVINE, CA