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    3 Week Immersion Program in Southern California
(French, Spanish, Italian, Danish)

During this program, international High School students stay with their host family for 20 days as part of the family. We believe that immersion is the best way for these students to improve their english skills while bonding with their host family. During the final week, the international students will be taken on 3 field trips to have an opportunity to do some sight seeing. We will also host a beach farewell party for the host families &  international students.
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3 weeks full immersion, in southern california culture language program cultural exchange
​​​​​  School Program
(Asian Countries)

During these 2 weeks, international students will come to learn English in ESL classes during the week days. They will go to classes in the morning & then a Oui-Connect team member will take the students on an excursion in the afternoon so the students will have the opportunity for some sight seeing. The students will be with their host families during the evening & on the weekends. This program often times works best for working host parents who have the desire to bond with an international student but are not available during the weekdays to stay at home.
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​​​​​​​​​2-4 Weeks Full Immersion in
Southern California
(French, Spanish, Italian)

Full immersion gives international students an opportunity to go out of their comfort zone & really focus on their english skills. During these 4 weeks, the host family & student have an opportunity to really get to know one another and share cultures while the student is required to polish their language proficiency. By the end of this program, the host family & student are close & comfortable with one another & everyone leaves with a bond that can last forever.
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immersion program in southern california, exchange student, host family, orange county
​​​​​ 2-3 Week Direct Exchange

DIrect Exchange is our only current program that offers US students the opportunity to go abroad. For the first 2-3 weeks (up to the families) a French student of the same age as your teenager will come stay with your family & learn about an American way of life. At the end of these weeks, your teen will then go back with the French student to his or her home & the roles will be reversed. Your student will have the opportunity to learn about French culture & improve their French speaking skills while being fully immersed. They will be more comfortable with their new international friend.
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International Chinese students come to learn English in ESL classes in California with excursions and full immersion , host families, host family, oui connect
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