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​   ​Oui-Connect started in 2014 as an international student exchange program that strives to build an international family full of love, fun and culture. Through our different programs, students, young adults, and families around the world are connected forever with an experience that is unforgetable.

Orange County, CA

Hector BachelotProgram Director

Once an exchange student himself, Hector truly believes international immersion is the best way to step out of your comfort zone & learn a new culture & language. Hector started Oui-Connect the summer of 2014 because of his passion for international connection and relationships.

Phone Number: 949-338-9388
Email: [email protected]
Judy Cohen- Area Coordinator 

Judy has been a part of the Oui-Connect team since the beginning. She has been working in the international exchange world for over 6 years & has hosted over 47 students. She is an all-star host mom & her love of people & different cultures shines. 

Phone Number: 949-683-2529
Email: [email protected]

Bakersfield, CA Region

Temecula, CA

Rebecca Herrera- Area Coordinator

Rebecca has been working with international exchange students for about fourteen years.  She has placed more than 1,000 students with host families over the years and she is still going strong today. It is not an easy task for anyone.  Rebecca is not only an incredible recruiter but she is an incredible Mom, Host Mom and Wonderful person.  Rebecca and her family have endured more than most families but she still comes out with a smile and a kind word..

Phone Number: 661-333-3416       
[email protected]     
Cristi Villa- Area Coordinator

I have been working with foreign exchange students now for 13 years. My family and I have hosted students from several different countries; 32 students have come to live with us. I really enjoy hanging out with the kids and getting to know them. I actually still keep in touch with my very first student. I am also a cancer survivor. I live in a home with my husband my sister and my nephew. We also have dogs, 1 cat, and 2 birds.

Phone Number: 951-234-4813
[email protected]

Santa Clarita, CA Region

Nikki Beck- Area Coordinator

We love hosting international students!  Our family has been hosting students for 15 years and we have the privilege of being the "California Mom and Dad (and siblings)"; for students from over 15 countries.  Our own kids have grown up learning about other cultures and have maintained these special relationships. We look forward to hosting every summer!

Phone Number: 661-755-6152
[email protected]
Wendy Hildago- Area Coordinator

Our family has been hosting for 10 years and we love it!  It has been a wonderful opportunity for my home-schooled children to experience the world.  It has offered opportunity for our family
to travel and meet our students in their towns. We have hosted approximately 50 plus international students in our house over 10 years.  Now my children are looking to travel again and meet
with their brothers and sisters from other countries.

Phone Number: 661-313-1303    
[email protected]    
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